Donate to Support Gifted Students and Teachers

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TAG invites you to make a donation to support TAG teachers and students. We have several areas you can donate to, including sponsoring a yearly award, teacher classroom grants, and student summer scholarships. See descriptions below for more details:


TAG Teacher Mini-Grants are intended to fund TAG teachers’ innovative projects that are designed or differentiated to meet the needs of gifted students. Students should be engaged in creative or critical thinking and/or problem solving activities that deepen their understanding and mastery of challenging subject matter and further develop their habits of inquiry, self-directed learning, and reflection. Mini-grant funds may be used for non-consumable resource materials, supplies, equipment, or software. Funds may not be used to support after-school, weekend, summer, or home school programs or to pay stipends or salaries.

TAG is pleased to offer scholarships to Tennessee’s gifted students for educational programs that provide enrichment, acceleration, or independent study. TAG will not award scholarships for the full amount of the program. The TAG scholarship provides up to 85% of the total program fee with a maximum award of $200.00 per scholarship recipient. (Number of scholarships depended upon donations and funding)

TAG Awards:

  • TAG Teacher of the Year Award: Presented to exemplary teacher of the gifted.
  • TAG Horizon Award: This award is presented to an exemplary new teacher of the gifted with fewer than five years experience in gifted education.
  • Special Recognition Award: This award is presented to an individual for their significant contribution to gifted education in Tennessee as a parent, legislator, administrator, or other gifted advocate.
  • Distinguished Service Award: This award is presented to an outstanding individual in the state of Tennessee who has made a significant contribution to the field of gifted education over an extended period of time (at least five years or more).
  • Curriculum Award:  Teachers submit curriculum units and the TAG Board chooses winners.
  • Tennessee Gifted Student of the Year:  This award program is designed to recognize students' distinguished achievement in academics, leadership, or the arts, in gifted children of any grade or age level.